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Physical therapy can effectively treat infants with congenital muscular torticollis


GSA endorses Global Call to Action to improve care of people with fragility fractures


After Surgery

Conditions Treated

  • Long term pain after abdominal surgery, back surgery, orthopaedic surgery, internal fixation for complex fractures and keliod scars (thick raised scars)


  • To decrease pain and increase range of motion of an injured area
  • To restore function and return to normal activities
  • To mobilize scar tissue that has spread to surrounding tissues and causes limitations of movement and pain
  • To make keloid scars fade and return to normal skin size


  • Massage, mobilize, and stretch keloid scars
  • Stretching to deep spreading scars in the abdomen
  • Mobilize and stretch scar tissue around orthopedic sites and use orthopedic techniques to strengthen, increase range and decrease pain around the surgical site