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Balance & Vertigo

Conditions Treated

  • Clients that experience dizziness (feeling light headed) or vertigo (feeling like the room is spinning). Many clients have benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). This is described as a spinning sensation when you turn your head. It can be caused by damaged to the vestibular system from head injury, infection, or other disorders of the inner ear. Alternatively, the inner ear may have degenerated because of advanced age.


  • To regain balance and equilibrium so it does not interfere with activities of daily living


  • Balance exercises and may require mobilizations of the neck and back
  • The Epley Manoeuvre may be used for BPPV. This treatment repositions debris in the inner ear by moving the head through a series of positions. The rotation moves the particles in the inner ear back to where they came from


  • Dizziness and positional vertigo course