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Damage to small nerves shown to be cause of chronic pain following knee surgeries


Physical therapy can effectively treat infants with congenital muscular torticollis


GSA endorses Global Call to Action to improve care of people with fragility fractures



Maureen Sawyer Physiotherapy has been in operation since 1997 servicing clients from infants to the elderly by addressing orthopaedic, neurological, and chronic disorders, balance problems, accidents and trauma, and post surgery. A recent addition to the practice is treatment of Lymphedema since 2009.

MS Physio is committed to supplying client centered care. Treatment is provided upon client collaboration after education about the condition and possible treatment options. A mutually agreeable plan is formed that can be changed or stopped upon client request at any time.

All treatment is administered one on one with a focus on manual therapy. The goal is to make your experience a positive one throughout the rehabilitation process.

Physiotherapy treatment does not require a doctor’s referral as physiotherapists are primary health care providers. However insurance companies may require a referral from you doctor for reimbursement of physiotherapy services. MS Physio is not affiliated with OHIP nor WSIB programs.







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